A Letter from Your President Elect
Updated Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


I hope you have all had a wonderful, restful, joyous summer!  I am very excited for another great year of choral singing in our state!  We ran into some issues with rehearsal tracks for this year's audition pieces, but rest assured they will be up on our website very soon.  Because of these issues, all students will more than likely have to audition with accompaniment only, as we don't have the recording equipment to layer parts with the accompaniment track like we have in the past.  For now, I ask that you forgive us, especially me, for this and I promise I will work to fix this next year.  Please keep in mind that we have fantastic audition teams set up and they, like always, will work hard to make the best choices possible. 

Also, the full repertoire lists will be up soon as well.  I'm updating some catalog numbers on a few pieces and once that's done, it will be up.  Thank you so much for your patience!

Best of luck to you all as we kick off another school year!  Thank you for all that you do for our young singers!

Ida Holguin-Perez, President